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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Thursday, January 12, 2012

More Girl Talk

Ward will be coming home on Wednesday or Thursday so I been busy changing back his myspace to the way he left it when he gone to jail back last spring.  And I figure out how to cover my tracks too and delete all the emails that might upset him.  Hes not the brightest light in the hallway you know so if I have to explain anything I know he wont doubt it.  Bless his old heart.  I want to thank you for your friendship and advice I am very thankful for it and I will probably get my own myspace here in a while and maybe me and you can be friends again.  I am sure Ward will email you as soon as he come home or shortly after.  He says he has a lot to tell you about what he learn in jail.  He even took some classes to help him with his reading and all so I am so proud of him for that.  We are planning a big party for this weekend to welcome him back home and then next week he has to get out and find him another job because that mean old Mister Jarman that own the lumber yard has told me it will be a cold day in hell when he hire Ward back on.  LOL  It takes one to know one I always say.  Anyhow I hope you are doing good.  There hasnt been any word from my Mister Shimp since he left last month but I have a calender hid away that show me where he is and right now he is in Canada performing for them folks at a fair in Ontario.  I keep watch at the mail for a post card.  You take care now my friend Kass.
Have a bless day.


Hi Patty,
I'm happy to hear Ward is coming home, I sure hope this is the last time he goes there.  I know you really care about him and about Mr Shimp, I hope you can work things out.  I'm glad you deleted anything that woud upset Ward, maybe he has learned a lot and has changed his ways.  Hes a sweet man, just a little wild lol.
I am happy to be your friend, and when you get your myspace please add me on.
Best of luck when Ward comes home, and anything we said is kept between us .
Your friend Kass :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

More Girl Talk

Hi Patty,   You never had to worry about me, my heart was with Pastor Brian. I only know Ward from knowing Brian, why he called out my name I have no idea.  Ward was having a hard time with Brians passing, I was trying to be supportive.  I miss Brian more than anyone knows. 
Patty, we never know where happiness comes from and if this new man makes you happy, then you should tell Ward after he comes out of jail. People should be happy.  I'm really glad you wrote me and cleared things up, Ward and I are just myspace friends, nothing more.  If you read the comments or messages I sent there is only friendship. I considered any frind of Pastors a friend of mine as well.
I'm so sorry to hear of Ward in jail, he needs to be responsible for his actions, maybe he will from now on, I wish him the best.
You take care Patty and i wish you much happiness as well.  Kass :)
 Hi Kass
We just got back from Wards visit day and he is still doing fine there.  I dont know how he keeps his spirit so high but he does.  He was all laughing and stuff while we visit.  Mister Shimp went in with me this time and Ward was happy to see him and them two chatted and joked with one another and I think thats probably part of what made Ward so happy was seeing his friend that he look up to so much.  I know you are a little more culture than I am and probably are use to finer things and so I dont suppose you ever had nobody you know in jail and gone in to visit them.  I don't have nobody to talk to about these things and Ward always speaks so highly of you and that Paster Brian rest his soul that I feel comfortble talking to you if you dont mind.  Also you are not somebody I see everyday so I dont have to be too shy about  it LOL.  Its just girl talk you know.  So you probably dont know the setup there at jail but Ward sits on one side like at a desk and we are on the other side like at a little desk and then theres this glass in between the desks so we are right there facing him not two or three feet away but its glass between us.  But the glass is like plastic or something so it wont break I guess because they dont want them old boys throwing there chairs against the window and just taking off on the lamb in a jail brake.  LOL.  The point is both parties is sitting at a desk so from where me and Mister Robert Shimp was sitting we cant see Wards lap and from where Ward is sitting he cant see ours which is how Mister Shimp had his hand down the back of my britches the whole time we was sitting ther but Ward didnt know it.  I dont even think Ward notice how I was squirming the whole time with Mister Shimp fiddling with my rumphole.  It was hard to keep a straight face like that for a half a hour but I think we got away with it but when we was outside the building I give Mister Shimp a slap on the chest for carrying on like that with Ward not four feet a way and just happy to see us as he can be.  Mister Shimp just act like he got the devil in him sometime but oh Kass he is so exciting to be around. 
He has been all over the country with his carnival and has perform on stages in Kansas City and up in New York but not in the city because they cant get the right permits for some of the performers that does different tricks and acts with the animals but anyway he has been all over and has seen it all and done it all.  I am sure he has had all sorts of experiences with women all over the place and I dont hold that against him at all but he sure does have some funny ways about him.  Now dont get me wrong I told you before how he treats me like a princess and makes me feel so special when we are together with buying me flowers and ice creams and romancing me right and left!  But I feel so bad because I am not complaining exactly but when it come to the more intimate times he kind of sprints straight for my rump and just stays there.  I never been with a man that didnt at least like to juggle around with my boobs just a little and maybe give me a kiss on my ears and neck and at least pass a glance over my tissy but this Mister Shimp dives head first for my back side and its no coming up for air until he worked it over good and is satisfy himself with it.  Its fine I guess because I am able to tend to the little woman while he is back yonder but it just seem to me that he might like to occasionally move around to the front and go with things up here.  Between you and me Mister Shimp has got me so back up that my turds is afraid to rase there heads unless he be back there to pound them back in again.  Its has been a week or more since I even got to have a bm.  I dont mean to put you out at all and I am happy if you can just listen and maybe give me some advice about this.  It seems so silly to me some times because I never imagine I would have a problem like this with a man that make me feel so like a royal princess all the time and even when he is doing his business back in the "back forty" as Ward call it he is still whispering the sweetest things and got his arms around my waste holding me real tight.  I do feel so safe and secure when he is holding me so tight even if he does have his face or his hips practially bury back there between my rump cheeks.  Oh dear.  LOL  It all sound so silly.  Kass is this just the silliest thing?  Did you ever know a man that would do a girl that way?  He is such a gentleman and so educated and fancy that I reckon it must just be like a high socitey way and maybe something I will get use to if I am to join him in the upper classes of his other colleagues.  Any advice you can give I can use it. 
It was good chatting some girl talk with you again Kass.  Thank you for being such a sweet Myspace friend.
Have a bless day.
 Hey Patty,
     Thats some message you sent me.  First I hope you, Ward and Mr Shimp are doing good.  Please send my best regards to Ward.  I had two friends in Essex County prison I used to visit, at that time you couldn't see their faces, they were behind darkened screens.  It was scary and depressing, I'm so glad Ward is coping there.
     Patty, if you want more out of love making you should tell Mr Shimp.  If hes a worldly man he would understand that. Plus if its hurting your insides thats not good.  A lot of men like anal sex, but woman really do like being touched and kissed on, I know I do.  I'm glad you confided in me, it's a hard subject to talk about to people.
      Let him know how special he makes you feel, and you love being treated like a princess, but also let him know you want to made love to in other ways, I'm sure he'll understand if he cares for you that much.  I don't know Mr Shimp, but from what you tell me hes a fine man.
     I wish all 3 of you the best, and please feel free to message me anytime.
Your friend  Kass xoxo

Monday, January 9, 2012

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Girl Talk

Hello Kass.  This is Patty.  I am not angry that you and Ward is friends.  He told me you is just friends here at myspace and I don't mind that.  At first I was mad but I am not mad no more.  Ward said you helped him when he was missing that Paster Brian so much.  You are probably wondering why its me writing to you and I am fixing to tell you that Ward has been in jail for about three months now.  He was driving with expire tags and no license and it was already a warrant out for him for not obeying some laws about homeless activitiy or something.  I don't really know what he gets up to out at that park on Sundays because I go to church with my mama at her church.  Anwyay Ward is in good spirit and he has about three more months to go there in jail unless the judge let him out early.  He don't seem to mind it to much and lord knows I can use a brake from that old boy.  LOL. 
I need to tell you something though Kass and I am afraid it is going to just brake Wards big old heart when he find out if he find out so this is just between me and you for now okay.  Its girl talk.  It was about two weeks after Ward got haul oft to jail this last time that Mister Robert Shimp move in down the road a piece and it weren't no time at all I was carrying on with him and I don't know how it happen but I guess these things happen and now he is over most nights and joining us for our cookouts and parties and staying over for the mess too.  I don't feel too terribel about it because I am prettty sure that Ward cheats on me right and left and I know for a fact he has holler out your name two no three times during the mess but I over look it and now it dont bother me so much to carry on with Mister Shimp like I do.  I will tell you girl to girl that
Mister Shimp work at a magic show with the fair and he is oft for the summer break when it is too hot to have carnivals. Now he ain't said if he is the actal magican or something that kindly pop out of a hat or a casket or what have you but it is a honer to have the attention of a fancy man that work in the entertanment industry.  I feel like a holly wood starlet when he take me out on the town on a date to the whataburger or like a princess.  He does know how to treat a lady and make her feel special.  I just wish he didn't have what you might call a flare for the butt sex but I reckon it is a small price to pay to be treat like a queen the rest of the time.  I don't know how I will tell Ward or maybe I won't have to.  He ain't exacly the sharpest knife in the drawer you know.  LOL.
Well it has been nice writing to you Miss Kass.  I hope you had a good forth with lots of fireworks and hamburgers and hot dogs and what not and some mess too if that's what your into.  LOL.
Have a bless day.
I will send you this picture of Mister Shimp too.  Its not really a good picture of him but its the only one I got.

Friday, January 6, 2012

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